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We are driven by the realization, that the voice of a satisfied customer, is the most powerful and authentic form of marketing and sales support a business can have.

Deeto's vision is simple. Make it so easy for your customers to share their satisfaction with you and with the world so that more and more of them will actually do so.
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Why we started

Customer advocacy solutions have been around for over a decade. And yet most customers don’t advocate for the companies they buy from. We asked ourselves:

Given that customers and users are willing to share their success story with others, why is it that this happens a fraction as often as it should?

What we discovered is that both manual advocacy solutions and competitive SaaS solutions were still too difficult and time-consuming – and simply added too much friction to both the internal and external processes.

From that insight, Deeto was born. We want to help companies transform their marketing and sales by scaling up the number of customers and users who help them grow and succeed.

Bringing the Power of Many into reality.
Unlock the Power of Many
Grow your network, reward your best customers and invite the right people to truly make the difference in growing your business.
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If you want to start making an impact from day one, helping to build an exciting tech product from the ground up, get in touch! Like the sound of working where you want, when you want, with top of the range tech and equipment, and in a close-knit team spreaded across the globe? Step this way!

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