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A No-Hassle System.
A No-Brainer Deployment.

Scale with Ease

Scale endorsements, video testimonials, case studies, references, and more without having to code a thing. With Deeto’s web widget, you can even add powerful social-proof onto any website.

Simple to Integrate

Deeto integrates with existing tools such as CRM, ensuring a seamless workflow and reducing the need for toggling between multiple systems. Connect your Salesforce or other CRM into Deeto in minutes, not months.

Avoid Force-Fitting into CRM

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to bring all the functions of advocacy management into your CRM platform. Deeto runs alongside your CRM and eliminates the need for you to shoehorn advocacy in.

Developer Resources

Deeto has everything you need to quickly integrate into your existing CRM system.

Privacy isn’t an “add-on” – it’s built-in

Deeto is already SOC2 compliant and contains no PPI (personal private information) or PHI (personal health information). This SaaS solution fully complies with GDPR and CCPA so you don’t have extra worries to deal with.
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