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Let’s explore how you can invite your customers’ to play a bigger role in your company’s growth.
❗Warning: Side effects may include: more trust, increased sales, happy customers and some extra free time.

Customers Credibility Closes Deals

Expand your reference pool

Systematically create one shared pool of your top customers.

Create user-generated content

Boost your brand's credibility with authentic reviews and personal user stories created by your satisfied customers and our AI engine.

Reward your customers

Encourage your top customers to contribute by offering incentives through our reward management system.

Personalize the buying experience

Match your prospects with references and content - in the right way, at the right time.

Drive more leads

Enable your satisfied customers to become a source of new business leads with our Referral Module.

What our customers say about us

(Created with our very own AI review generator)
“Deeto has been an amazingly useful arrow to have in our prospecting quiver. The platform intuitive and easy to use for a prospect”
Matt Green
CRO at Sales Assembly

“I can now easily identify and manage my reference customers, schedule reference calls, and track the success of each reference call. I can also easily invite customers to participate in case studies and speaking engagements - a task that use to require hours of legwork and research.” 

Stephanie Murphy
Customer Marketing Manager at White Cup

"Great platform that enables a quicker path to close deals. Open the channel for the prospect to connect with the reference, builds trust and simplifies the sales process."

Amit Levy
EVP, Sales at Made4Net

“We knew that customer advocacy is a very powerful tool, but only with Deeto could we prove it. Deeto helped us streamline our customer advocacy and reference programs, and made it simple to track them.”

Adir Ben Yehuda
VP Revenue at Walnut

“Deeto is an incredible platform that has allowed us to scale our social proof content and distribute it in the right way.”

Matt Prepes
CSO at SmartSites

“Our referencing process is now much smoother and more efficient. We've been able to recruit our top customers as references, and they've been able to share their experiences and insights with prospects in a much more natural way.” 

Eyal Bar
CEO at Webiz

“Deeto has been an amazingly useful arrow to have in our prospecting quiver. The platform intuitive and easy to use for a prospect.”

Matt Green
CRO at Sales Assembly