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More Customer Content. Everywhere

Deeto makes obtaining meaningful customer-generated content as easy as clicking a like button.

Holistic Customer-Powered Growth

Deeto’s promise is not just about managing customer content and related activities, but enhancing the overall customer-activation experience. It is the only complete, all-in-one platform that allows customers to easily help your business grow with just minutes of their time.
More Sharing Options

Get broader content distribution and track its impact

More Engagement

Show customers you appreciate them with auto-thanks and rewards

More References

Your pool of references simply keeps growing

More Leads

Run smart referrals campaigns, generate customer-driven leads & reduce CAC

More Content

Watch how inviting customers turns into top-quality content

AI-Powered reference-prospect engagement that runs from A to Z

The uniqueness of Deeto’s reference-prospect module is that it’s end-to-end. It’s the only platform that:
Recruits references
Manages references-burnout automatically
Personalized Smart-Matching
Direct reference-prospect scheduling and tracking
Allows pre- and post-call reports
Tracks impact on the opportunity

Cut through the noise

Buyers are bombarded with generic pitches and ads. Deeto allows the sales organization to create a personalized experience with customer-driven content directly from the CRM, share it with the prospect, and track the results all the way to successful deal closure.

Data-Driven Insights

Deeto tracks opportunities and actively measures how advocates and references influence lead generation, opportunity progress and win-rate. By doing that, ROI is measured at all times, demonstrating the real efficacy of the program.

Customization and Personalization

Deeto offers a high degree of customization and personalization in its advocacy campaigns, which is often a secondary focus for other platforms. This ensures that each advocacy effort is closely aligned with the specific brand's values and goals.

Distribution Tools

With more high-quality customer-driven content being generated, optimizing the way content is shared, is a natural next step. 
Deeto allows sharing , tracking and measuring content impact on both top of the funnel channels like websites and landing pages as well as directly with an individual prospect using a personalized prospect page.

Automated Efficiency

Beyond simple task management, Deeto’s AI and automation capabilities encompass a broader scope of advocacy & referencing program activities, significantly reducing the manual effort and time typically associated with such programs.

Content Generation

Deeto's self-serve, AI-driven content-generation experience allows every customer and user to share their authentic voice in minutes. Personalized and easy, the experience will translate into a wealth of reviews, case studies, and videos, along with consent to use and a simple way to edit, update, and manage.

Greater Customer Autonomy & Control

Deeto lets customers manage their own information. Customers are much more willing to help as long as you give them control over how often to help, in what activities to participate, and make it simple, easy and intuitive to manage consent.
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