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Beyond the case study, beyond the demo, there’s Deeto. Connect your prospects with your top customers across the sale-cycle and close more deals, faster.
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Give prospects a trustworthy perspective 

During the sale-cycle, there’s no substitute for the experience of existing customers and users. Deeto takes it to a new level by connecting top customers with prospects to offer them useful insights, answer practical questions and detail the benefits of your product in action.

Let’s make connections

As your network of references grows, connecting a prospect to one of your experienced references becomes simple and intuitive. Smart matching is our way to enable great dialogue between a happy customer and prospect looking to buy.
Kelly Sipes
CEO of Elexa
Meeting on Jul 29, 2022 with
Abraham McCullough
Pagac Inc
Pat Russel
Hilll, Cole and O'Reilly
Reference invited on Jul 24, 2022
Dave O'Kon
Pagac Inc
Janis Rowe
Frami - Collins
Reference invited on Jul 24, 2022
James Schaefer
Keeling LLC
Kelly Sipes
CEO of Elexa
Meeting on Jul 29, 2022 with
Abraham McCullough
Pagac Inc
Jared Bernier
Weber - Rosenbaum
Meeting on Jul 27, 2022 with
Randy Gleason
Murphy Group
“Happy to be contacted once a month, by other CEOs looking to change platforms.”
Julia F.

Show your gratitude

Happy customers love to share their thoughts and insights with others - after all it validates their own experience and decisions. But to make sure they stay engaged as references, we offer them a range of positive feedback. From symbolic rewards to public acknowledgment, we show the references how great they are.
“I’m happy to be a reference as often as possible. It helps me expand my network.”
Frank T. 
Freelance Marketing Manager

Smart Matching, it's a game changer

The smart matching process takes the reference-prospect engagement to the next level. Using multiple data driven factors and overtime improvement of accuracy, each prospect gets the perfect match to engage with.
Jane Cooper
CTO of Method
Hospitality, United States
Selected as a match because of:
Company size + budget

How does Deeto keep me in the loop?

Get real time notifications and direct feedback. Reference-prospect communication is a black-box. While every call is a treasure of information, no one has the access to harvest it, learn & improve. Deeto is here to change that.
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Turn conversations into conversions

Great references grow your win-rate and shorten the sales cycle
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