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How do I find reference customers for Deeto?

If you already have customers who’ve provided case studies, surveys, or testimonials, these are a great group to initially source from. If not, we can work with you to help identify, invite and incentivize  possible references from your existing customer base or beta/trial users.

How does Deeto save my organization resources?

Research shows (Gartner) that the relationship between an existing customer and a prospect who is looking to buy, is the single most impactful component for driving sales. Using the customer voice in the right way at the right time accelerates sales-cycle performance, helping your prospect validate the decision to buy while freeing you up to move additional deals forward.

Which companies can accelerate growth and shorten the sales-cycle using Deeto?

If you see value in allowing your customer’s knowledge to work harder for you Deeto is a platform you should consider. Connecting your best references with your prospect is not limited to any specific b2b vertical. However, the more valuable the product or service you offer is, the greater the need to connect your prospect with your references to improve sales-cycle performance.

What’s in it for the reference-customer?

Deeto brings together an intimate network of your top customers and rewards them for sharing their insights with prospects in live engagements. While many are simply happy to pass on their experiences, grow their networks and widen their reach, with Deeto you can offer a variety of rewards that match the personal preference of every reference.

What do you mean by “smart matching”?

The quality of the match counts. Deeto’s “smart matching” is designed to perfectly match the right reference for the specific prospect, using Deeto’s accumulated experience and ML/AI capabilities.

How does your pricing work?

While we offer multiple “packages” the principle is simple. You pay per seat (user). This is simply saying that you are charged for the number of users you have on your account.

What valuable business insights can we expect from Deeto?

While the entire reference-prospect engagement is held automatically, you can expect on-time notification of every critical step. In additional, unique surveys and a multiplicity of data driven insights are generated and presented so that you can optimize your performance and grow your wins.

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