The Key To Driving B2B Sales In An Economic Downturn

More than ever, prospects are asking to get into conversation with customer references. Why now? 
Golan Raz
11 Aug

More than ever, prospects are asking to get into conversation with customer references. Why now? 

Two words: Market. Volatility. 

The last six months have been a bumpy economic ride, with slowing US and global markets. Whether it’s a correction or recession, and what’s to come…nobody really knows. But what is certain? A spillover effect on B2B business can’t be avoided. 

Historical data tells us plainly: When markets slow down, B2B prospects get cautious

With thousands of dollars and the purchaser’s reputation on the line – the stakes are already high for B2B purchases. Add a volatile market to the mix, and your sales team is left dealing with ballooning risk aversion levels…and the extended sales-cycles and lower win-rates that come with it.

Right now, financial market woes are making your prospects feel the squeeze of less room for errors. And because they’re thinking thrice about every costly purchase, they’ll need more validation than ever to nudge them along the buyer journey.

Uniquely credible knowledge – from one or more customer references with a similar position, business size, industry, and use-case scenario – can inspire the near-bulletproof confidence your prospects need in an economic downturn. 

Now, for most businesses without a robust reference network, it’s easy to see this as an ‘overwhelming to-do’ and ignore it altogether. 

But in a quickly changing landscape, it’s always the businesses that adjust and respond quickly that improve their overall performance where others show a decline. 

So if you take this opportunity to zig when the competition zags, your organization will shine bright because of it. And in this case, ‘zigging’ means being proactive about offering third party validation – even before your prospects ask for it – to inspire rock solid confidence in your product or service.   

Some upbeat news? Deeto is made for opportunities like these. 

Our platform does the tough groundwork for you so it’s not all on you to create a thriving reference network on a tight deadline and budget. 

Deeto will systematically build your diversified reference network AND match prospects with references who share common ground. Your prospects will get that ‘happy customer’ validation that sparks their confidence, influences their decision, and ultimately helps you win the deal. 

Get ‘zigging’ with Deeto.