How To Harness Customer Influence & Win More Deals

How do you move your prospects from ‘analysis paralysis’ to saying ‘sign me up!’? It’s the million dollar question.
Golan Raz
19 Jun

How do you move your prospects from ‘analysis paralysis’ to saying ‘sign me up!’? It’s the million dollar question. 

Let’s first think about what it’s like, for any business, to make a valuable purchase.

Implementing a new marketing tool? Or considering using a new agency for a critical service? Whatever it is, you’re faced with countless choices – and mountains of information on each one. Days (or months) of skimming webpages, chats with sales reps, cost comparisons, and feature analyses later…and it’s enough to leave your head spinning. 

Now, for the research-obsessed, this may be a source of joy. But for most of us? It’s. Completely. Overwhelming. 

With many decision-makers in the mix, complex problems, and thousands of dollars at stake – it’s enough to leave any team in a state of ‘purchase overwhelm.’ . And information overload only makes the decision harder.

To keep your prospects moving along the buyer’s journey, they need to hear your customers’ voice.

Research tells us that only 18% of prospects trust the pitch of a B2B sales rep, while 92% trust what they hear from an existing customer. On top of that, a study published by Gartner, found references from existing customers are 80% likely to positively sway a B2B purchase. 

But they don’t want to hear just any voice, they want to hear the right voice that will curb their risk and ease their uncertainty.

Your prospects want to know that you can solve their throbbing pains. And an honest, glowing nod from a peer who was once in their shoes – with similar pains, industry, and situation – will do the trick. 

Matching the right customer reference to your ‘could-be buyer’ can help you close the deal faster.

But this golden opportunity is too easily missed.

Too often, the reference is picked based on the relationship between the account executive and the customer. It’s about who they’re comfortable asking for a favor instead of who is the right match

And understandably so! For most sales teams – without the right tools and methodology in place –  it would be far too time-consuming to scour the database for the perfect reference and ensure they’re willing to chat. On top of that, the ‘favor system’ isn’t the most reliable one.

The good news? Deeto is our ‘done for you’ reference solution. Using automated and accurate AI, we’ll match your prospects with the right customers for them. Not only that, we take favors out of the equation: our reward system ensures your references are motivated and compensated for their time and insights.  

When you become intentional about your customer-reference programs, you’ll make way for deals to close at a higher and faster rate. We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself!

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