Maximizing the Impact of Deeto Social Proof Widgets: 3 Best Practices

Here are three best practices to ensure you're getting the most out of this widget:
21 May

In today’s competitive digital market, social proof is a powerful tool, especially for B2B tech companies seeking to build higher trust with their potential customers. The Deeto Social Proof widget can significantly enhance your website's credibility and conversion rates if used correctly. Here are three best practices to ensure you're getting the most out of this widget:

1. Build a Solid Repository for Social Proof Content

A robust foundation of social proof content is essential for leveraging the Deeto widget effectively. Without a well-curated library of testimonials, case studies, and reviews, the widget won't have the impactful content it needs to convince potential customers. Here are some tips to build a strong reference pool:

- Collect Diverse Testimonials: Reach out to a variety of customers for testimonials. Aim for diversity in company size, industry, and use case to ensure your social proof appeals to a broad audience.

- Highlight Specific Benefits: Encourage customers to highlight specific benefits and results they have experienced. Quantifiable results are particularly compelling.

- Update Regularly: Keep your content fresh by regularly updating it with new testimonials and success stories. This shows that your product is continuously delivering value.


For more detailed guidance on building a strong reference pool, refer to our blog post, "Building a Strong Reference Pool: 4 Best Practices for B2B Tech Companies Using Deeto"(link to blog post).

2. Match the Content to the Website Page

Most companies today still use dedicated testimonial pages to showcase customer testimonials - this is not an effective approach. Deeto’s social proof widget allows social proof and authenticity to lead the way throughout your website in a seamless way, without requiring the visitor to take any additional steps.

One of the keys to effective social proof is relevance. The content displayed by the Deeto widget should match the context of the page it’s on. Here's how to do it:

- Product Pages: On product pages, use testimonials and case studies that specifically mention the product. Highlight how it has solved problems or improved outcomes for other customers.

- Feature Pages: If a page focuses on a particular feature, choose social proof that discusses the benefits of that feature. This reinforces the feature’s value and relevance.

-Homepage: For your homepage, use a mix of high-level testimonials and success stories that speak to your company's overall value proposition.

By tailoring your social proof content to match the context of each page, you increase its relevance and impact, making it more likely to resonate with your visitors.

3. Mix It Up and A/B Test

One of the major advantages of the Deeto widget is its flexibility and ease of use. Take full advantage of this by experimenting with different content and placements. Here’s how:

- Launch Multiple Variations: Create at least two versions of the widget with different testimonials and place them on different pages. This helps you understand which content resonates best with your audience.

- A/B Test: Use A/B testing to compare the performance of different widgets. Test variations in terms of the content, layout, and placement on your website.

- Analyze and Optimize: Gather data on conversion rates and engagement metrics for each variation. Use this data to refine your social proof strategy, focusing on the types of content and placements that perform best.

Regularly mixing up your social proof content and testing different approaches ensures that you are continuously optimizing for the best possible results. 

By following these best practices, you'll be well on your way to maximizing the effectiveness of the Deeto Social Proof widget. Remember, the goal is to build trust and credibility with your audience, and relevant, well-placed social proof is one of the most powerful tools to achieve that.