Why Deeto? 3 Reasons it's the Clear-Cut Winner for Customer Advocacy

Word-of-mouth: your most powerful (and important) marketing asset. Also, the most difficult one to manage cohesively.
Andrew Parker
1 Mar

Word-of-mouth: your most powerful (and important) marketing asset. Also, the most difficult one to manage cohesively.

Customer advocacy platforms are designed to help you encourage and manage customer reviews, referrals, testimonials and other forms of user-generated content at scale. If you have a good one, it can bring the power of social proof to you in ways you never thought possible.

But with several options each with somewhat different feature sets, how do you choose the right tool for your business?

Three reasons stick out as to why Deeto is the obvious choice here.

With Deeto, you can take an advocate-first approach.

There are plenty of reasons companies struggle to turn their customers into brand advocates. Maybe your advocacy program...

  • lacks structure
  • is too frustrating to join and contribute to
  • isn't compelling enough to participate in
  • only captures a limited pool of customers
  • fails to emphasize their value and impact

All these potential pitfalls have one thing in common: they're direct results of putting the advocate last.

Most programs focus on (a) customers' contributions and (b) how they can help promote the brand. Little thought goes into what participants get out of the exchange or how easy it is to advocate.

You aren't to blame, though. If you're still handling communication through email and spreadsheets, it's impossible to keep the customer as your primary focus.

We designed Deeto to help you take the exact opposite approach.

Deeto's platform is both business- and customer-facing, meaning customers can onboard themselves. They define their own contribution preferences, input feedback, and Deeto's automated scheduling, smart-matching, and content generation capabilities take care of the rest. As they make contributions, they can track their impact and earn rewards.

It's an all-around more engaging experience. And it's one with far less friction.

It can help you personalize your advocacy efforts.

From personalizing your own onboarding to imprinting your brand on user-generated content, Deeto gives you the ability to make your advocacy program truly yours.

  • Create an onboarding experience that's compelling and tailored to your brand
  • Establish different contribution paths based on a customer's preferences and history with you
  • Allow for customer input and feedback to make the program more collaborative
  • Design your own rewards system that motivates customers to stay engaged and contribute more
  • Customize the look and feel of your user-generated content to align with your brand's aesthetic

Deeto's intelligent matching capabilities can also personalize which advocates are connected with which prospects. Your sales team can quickly get the right references in front of their prospects, increasing your chances of closing that sale.

At the same time, the platform's dynamic web content personalization feature helps you accelerate your sales cycle. It allows you to showcase the most relevant customer reviews and testimonials based on a visitor's interests, use cases, and behavior.

Aside from being a clear win for you, that level of personalization maximizes the impact of your customers' advocacy contributions. When advocates see their input actually drives business results, it reinforces their value and encourages them to stay active.

Deeto is an end-to-end customer advocacy solution.

There are lots of ways your customers can advocate for you — referrals, reviews, written/video testimonials, case studies, reference calls, and more.

There are also countless ways your sales and marketing teams can use these contributions. And at different points in the sales cycle, buyers' priorities shift, calling for different types of social proof.

Before Deeto, you probably had to use different tools for each one. With Deeto:

  • Generative AI curates case studies and testimonials from customer feedback
  • Smart-matching connects customers with prospects who were in their exact position just months earlier
  • In-app scheduling eliminates the middleman when coordinating reference calls
  • Web integration publishes unique, dynamic content to match changing pages
  • Rewards management makes it easy to administer points and perks for customer contributions
  • Customized dashboards track which customers are contributing, how much they contribute, and which campaigns bring the most value

And the icing on the cake: Intelligent suggestions help your sales team use customer-generated content in sales conversations in the most effective, targeted ways possible.

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